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    RIPESS Europe meeting space
  • El Fòrum Social Mundial de les Economies Transformadoresés el procés de confluència dels diferents moviments de l’economia alternativa, els que anomenem economies transformadores a un nivell local i internacional. El principal objectiu d’aquest procés és acostar moviments socials i iniciatives que comparteixin la voluntat de posar al centre de l’economia les persones i el medi ambient, i d’acabar amb l’economia basada en l’extracció, el creixement, la competitivitat i el mercat, i que lluitin per caminar cap a societats resilients i col·laboratives que construeixin i reforcin aliances i accions estratègiques a base de treballar juntes.
  • Solidarius
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    Espacio de la red Solidarius
  • Solidarity Economy and Degrowth
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    Social Solidarity Economy and Degrowth
  • More than ever today there is a strong need of FLOSS (Free-Libre Open Source Software) technologies, cooperative platforms and their implementation to promote transformative economy projects. Collaborative tools run by collectives (possibly in cooperative form or as cooperative platforms) and supported by the different forms of commoning and solidarity economy.
  • Transformative Economies Lab
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    Transformative Economies Lab is a collaborative investigation exploring, mapping, and articulating a practical, sustainable, equitable economy as it unfolds around the globe. The aim of the lab is to use an existing platform (Real Economy Lab) which provides a comprehensive picture of the projects, ideas, movements and networks offering viable alternatives to the mainstream market-bases economic system, and to present this as a compelling case for wider coordination and support by all stakeholders. We invite you to take part !
  • FSMET Activities - Virtual Forum
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    This is the meeting space for the Activity and Virtual Forum Este es el espacio de reunión del Foro de Actividad y Virtual C'est l'espace de rencontre pour l'activité et le Forum Virtuel
  • Comercio Justo
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    comercio justo
  • Finanzas Éticas FSMET
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    Espacio de conferéncias para la confluencia temática de finanzas eticas del FSMET
  • Confluencia Feminista FSMET
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    Confluencia Feminista FSMET
  • International Online Meetings (IOM) Towards the World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) Virtual WSFTE - June 25 - July 1 2020 The World Social Forum of Transformative Economies (WSFTE) will be held online in the last week of June. WSFTE is a convergence space for all actors involved in economic transformation, both locally and internationally. Join the International Online Meetings (IOM), to contribute to the FSMET process, wherever you are! The IOM – WSFTE You are called to action by contributing to the international relations of the WSFTE process. In fact, by June 2020, you are invited to take part to the virtual meetings, putting forward the following objectives: 1. Allow a personalized diffusion of the progress of the WSFTE organization process since Barcelona and the Coordination Committee; 2. Allow the diffusion of information of the international groups mobilizing towards WSFTE and to promote exchanges between Barcelona and these groups; 3. Support the consolidation of the WSFET as an international process. This initiative is driven by the values of inclusion, openness, transparency, horizontality, self-management, independence and is rooted in the struggle against all kinds of discriminations, and is based on the WSF Charter. It will reflect the collective work of those who will get involved!
  • FSMET-WSFTE Coord.Com.
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    FSMET - Comité de Coordinacion WSFTE Coordination Committee
  • Monthly meetings with members from the international mobilization commission.
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    Espacio dedicado al dictado de talleres, webinars y cusos
  • Equip tecnic
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    espai equip tecnic